Monday, April 26, 2010



(Psst, we have found better things to do)
Making ah lians mad was quite amusing, but nonetheless we figured that we require more productive things to do. Thus, we'll go for an unlimited hiatus - or even a permanent one.

Sidenote: Lians will never be cool because they do not know who they are in the first place. Thus, they'll forever be posers. Forever.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My opinion on some aal blogs

Hello. Today, I’m not planning to post anything about ah lians or ah bengs. Rather, I am going to discuss about my thoughts regarding some of the quasi blogs, namely, the ones that criticize the ah lians and ah bengs. In order to prevent any form of conflict, I do not wish to specify the particular blog that I am referring to.

Firstly, I think that in blogging about ah lians, we should never actuate vulgarities for our cause. This is extremely important, as utilizing vulgarities would only mean that we are mere hypocrites that have an inferiority complex that requires the belittling of others to satisfy. On the contrary, I firmly believe that we should criticize them and comment on their negative traits. Most of the time, we would try to provide reasons as to why we are doing so. If we simply bombard our posts with names of organs relating to the genitourinary system, as well as the erogenous areas, we are simply stooping down to their level! In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of creating such a blog, because even people who would potentially support you based on your stand would simply disregard your opinions when they spot such words. Remember, we are here to divert them to the right paths. Perhaps we would gain some fun replying to flames, but using their tactics to prove your stand should not be the way. When posting, criticizing without offending is key.

If you have read my previous post regarding the psychological characteristics of ah lians, I mentioned that they usually resort to using vulgarities whenever they have nothing left to say. It is crucial to take note that an argument should be one that uses a multitude of ideas that both go in depth as well as different points of view. If both parties are simply ranting about points that are based on groundless ideas, then it isn’t worth arguing about. Simply put, using a diverse of vocabulary of swear words should not be the way to present your ideas. As I have touched on previously, what is the point of bringing in words related to the genitourinary system, and perhaps ideas related to sexuality? If you have the maturity to comment about ah lians, you should have the maturity to know that sexual intercourse is just a part and parcel of our species’ evolution. As such, I believe that it is completely extrinsic to use such words to convey ideas that are totally unrelated, unless, of course, you are referring to the problem of underage sex that the bengs and lians typically engage in.

Secondly, I think that the posting of links to the blogs of any individual for personal attacks is not acceptable, as well as their photos. In doing so, you are not only propagating the idea that destroying the social life of other people is perfectly acceptable, but also causes the people around you to question your morals and ethics. First of all, are posting such links going to benefit you? Or is simply used as a tool to attract attention? Furthermore, it is against the law. Even if you censor or edit their images out of proportion, they are usually recognizable.

Thirdly, not everyone that criticizes you is against you. This is also the typical ah lian/ah beng mindset, as mentioned in my previous post. This is especially so if you are the owner of an anti ah lian blog. I have encountered a few instances where some people commented negatively on this blog. Although they may criticize this, I did not label some of them as an ah lian. First of all, I would accept criticism if these two conditions are met:

1) You type in proper English (does not need to be perfect) that is free of vulgarities.
2) Your ideas are not overly repetitive, are logical and not offensive.

Besides that, commenting on irrelevant points only make you seem like you are the weak party that is getting defensive. For example, what are their nicknames going to do with the argument? Unless the nicknames are related to the characteristics of a group of people, such as the usual ‘xiiao’ or ‘xiao’ prefix in front of most ah lian’s nicknames, replying to an individual with regards to their nicknames is downright pointless.

In a nutshell, this post is not meant to criticize, offend, or cause any form of conflict. Nor is it an open attack to any of the aal blogs. If any of the writers of the aal blogs are guilty of this, you do not have to remove your blog or any of your posts. This post is only meant to express my honest opinion. After all, I don’t wish to cause any form of conflict between the other aal blogs. In fact, the cardinal purpose of this post is to simply let readers know our stand.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What makes an Ah Lian?

What makes an Ah Lian?

I have came across this question numerous times, and it is indeed arguable that there is not a precise definition of an ‘ah lian’. According to wikipedia, the term ‘ah lian’ is a pejorative term used to describe Chinese girls in the Singapore-Malaysian region who are characterized by their lack of intelligence and materialistic mindset. While our previous descriptions of ah lians are purely based on their physical attributes, it is in fact, much more than that. It all boils down to their character.

Yes, while it is true that not everyone who wears skimpy clothes or pierces their bellies are ah lians, it can be considered a relatively accurate indicator of whether one can be considered an AL or not. Why? Well, the reason lies in the fact that the way we think is often portrayed in the way that we dress and act in public. Do you see the connection?

Of course, I mentioned above that not everyone who looks like an ah lian is one. So, what makes an AL an AL? Well, the answer lies in their mindset and character. Firstly, ALs usually engage in conversations that contain a gargantuan amount of vulgarities, which is probably their lingua franca anyway. In public, they usually center the attention on themselves, and are indifferent to those around them. As a result, many of them get into trouble, whether it is with the law or with members of the public. While there are a handful of ALs who excel in school, many of them do not. This is due to the fact that they spend most of their time doing unconstructive activities, such as camwhoring. This brings me to the next point. ALs love to camwhore. Although saying that photo-taking makes one an AL is definitely an over-exaggeration, ALs do, as a matter of fact, take multitudinous photos of themselves and that of their friends. It is idiosyncratic of them to rotate their camera at a 45-degree angle while snapping their reflection from a mirror.

That said, I would now like to expand a little on their inherent lack of ability to utilize higher cognitive thinking. First and foremost, they enjoy jumping to conclusions during arguments and repeating whatever they said previously. When all else fails, they usually start hurling their diverse vocabulary of vulgarities towards whoever they are quarrelling with. Does this sound familiar? I bet it does. More often than not, the ALs are the ones who label themselves an AL. After which, they start acting as if they are being despised by us. This doesn’t stop there. Some of them would start complaining about their broken families, and blaming their unacceptable behavior onto their parents. Yes, it is true that some of them have a really bad childhood, but that does not mean that they submit to fate! If you come from broken family, then rise above it. You have the power to control your life, and only losers put the blame on others. It is not what happens to you. Rather, it is how you respond to it.

Well, that was a little sidetrack from the topic. But the main point of this post is to let everyone who reads this realize that the characteristics associated with ah lians are only the physical aspects. However, the reason that this is often used is because it stems from their inherent materialistic and shallow mindsets, and not because we discriminate those that wear short skirts. The fact that they present themselves in such a manner reflects on their character, which results in the physical characteristics of Ah Lians which we have mentioned.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!! =D Nice little 'war' at the tagboard...keep 'em coming!!

Anyways, I'm just here for a short update. Regarding the tagboard, I have tried solving the problem. However, it seems like it still doesn't work. I'll check with my other team members to see if I can get access into the tagboard account so that I can remove the ban. If all else fails, I may then consider putting up a new tagboard.

As for those who are banned, please use the comments link below every post. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome to Singapore, the land of lians and singlish!

Forget the merlion, forget ERPs, forget Sentosa!

Introducing the newest tourist attraction of Singapore!

TWITS! (aka lians)

As said by Cheryl "They want hate Ahlians let them hate. They just dont know how to appreciate this unique trait of singapore, which other countries dont have."

Applause please! We, Singapore, finally have something that other countries do not have! LIANS! Whoa!

I'm sure Malaysia will not quarrel with us over this 'uniqueness'.

Last time I checked, twits were a world-wide phenomenon. It's just so happens that the some countries do not have Asian twits. For example, in America, they call'em airheads/bimbos/bitches. It just so happens in Singapore they are called twits/lians.

So to our global readers, come visit Singapore if you'd like to see them twits!

That'll never happen.

I'll migrate outta this country if lians became our national identity. Yuck.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guest Post: The Biology of AL's Brains

Written by: De Maitre

This is the brain of a typical Ah Lian. There's something very wrong with it. Look closer.

Can you identify the problem?


I'll tell you why.




It's empty. That's what it is.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Word of the day!

Word of the day:


It means 'yous', which, technically, makes no sense.

How to construct it? "Euuiis all kaopei miie for what? Wan fiite arhhh? Cum la!"